Churches of Scientology Disaster Response (CSDR) has many volunteers who are trained in the following disaster response fields, as well as others, and recommends that all staff and volunteers take advantage of these disaster courses.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

The CERT Program educates individuals about disaster preparedness and trains and organizes teams of volunteers that can support their communities during disasters. The CERT Program offers training in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, and disaster medical operations. With proper CERT training, you can help protect your family, neighbors, and co-workers if a disaster occurs.

Training is offered by local Fire Departments and by FEMA online.

American Red Cross Training Courses

  • Disaster Action Team (DAT)
  • Shelter Management
  • Feeding
  • First Aid
  • CPR

Training is offered at American Red Cross training locations.

Chainsaw Training

The proper and safe operation of a chainsaw cannot be stressed enough. Contact CSDR for chainsaw trainers in your area.

POD (Points of Distribution) Training

Points of Distribution are centralized locations where the public picks up life sustaining commodities following a disaster or emergency.

Training information and course materials.

FEMA Incident Command System Courses

100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800


Volunteer Minister Assist Training

Volunteer Ministers are trained to help those in critical need, assisting emergency workers and disaster victims with logistics and “spiritual first aid”. They also train others in Volunteer Minister Assist techniques and often remain after the immediate crisis has passed to assist with long-term community recovery.

Training is offered by CSDR. Request more information about Volunteer Minister Assist training.

Training is also available at Scientology Churches and Missions. Find a Scientology Church location near you.

Volunteer Minister Assist training is also available as a FREE on-line course.