“Spirituality is an essential part of humanity. Disaster disrupts people’s spiritual lives significantly. Nurturing people’s spiritual needs contributes to holistic healing. Everyone can benefit from Spiritual Care in times of disaster.”
– National VOAD publication “Light our Way”

The Churches of Scientology Disaster Response’s (CSDR) main role or niche at a disaster is emotional and spiritual care for survivors, responders and care-givers. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers specialize in providing ‘Assists’ – simple, light, non-intrusive emotional and spiritual stress relief techniques developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

CSDR Volunteers

  • Establish order and calm in an area.
  • Address and alleviate the emotional/spiritual effects of physical pain, shock and trauma.
  • Relieve stress and physical aches and pains; orient a confused or distraught individual to his present environment.
  • Help survivors, responders and care-givers regain calmness, stability, control and help them cope with the immediate situation more rapidly and effectively.

CSDR Volunteers Also Provide

  • Grief counseling.
  • Direct Services to individuals – un-met needs.
  • Support for responders – spiritual care; un-met needs; refreshments.
  • Volunteer coordination.
  • On-site needs assessment and help.
  • POD (Points of Distribution)
  • Volunteer training/spiritual care.
  • Clean up.
  • Volunteer assistance to other organizations – food distribution, shelter management, blue tarping, flood recovery, and other activities.
  • Shelter management.